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The Latin Press Loyalty Program

For Subscribers and Visitors to its different media and event properties

Loyalty Program

Come and accumulate interaction points with the different Latin Press products and receive bonus offers and prizes.

Register or update your profile and earn a bonus 300 points to get you closer to your rewards!

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Newsletter Subscription• 25 points
Magazine Subscription• 50 points
Magazine Download• 50 points
On-Line Event Registration• 80 points
On-Line Event Assistance• 160 points
Alegria™ - La Fiesta Latina Registration• 80 points
Live Event Registration• 100 points
Live Event Assistance• 250 points

"We want to reward our most loyal readers and attendees to our different events throughout the region. Our point system will permit us to offer bonus prizes to those most engaged professionals."

Max Jaramillo
Managing Director
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Magazines & Websites
Magazine and Website for Automation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Magazine and Website for the International Aftermarket Autoparts Industry
Magazine and Website for Integrated Audiovisual Systems
Magazine and Website for Facility Management
Magazine and Website for Broadcast, Cinema, Radio and New Media
Magazine and Website for Electronic Security
Magazine and Website for the Paints and Coatings Industries
Trade Shows & Congresses
Conference & Exhibition for the Aftermarket Auto & Truck Parts Business
IntegraTEC Conference & Exhibition
Conference & Exhibition for Audiovisual Systems, Home Automation, Digital Signage and Unified Communications
Conference & Exhibition for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems Expo & Congress for South Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America
Conference & Exhibition for the Cleaning Services Industries of the Americas
Conference & Exhibition for Facility Management Business
Online Events 2023
Online Events 2022