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Association Management Services for Latin America
Latin Press Media & Events provides management and consulting services to international associations, societies, and industry groups wishing to expand or maintain a presence in Latin America.

Through our years of on-the-ground experience, we can successfully build your organizational network per your specific requirements.

Since 1992, Latin Press has provided communications and events solutions through-out Mexico, Central and South America.

We are honored to have extended our services to industry associations wishing to expand their footprint into the region with customized outsourced solutions.
Stronger Together
Consulting Services
It's a big region
Our goal is to make your entry and continued success in Latin America, easy and measurable. We work with our clients to establish goals, create value and deliver results for local members.

From monthly networking events, yearly conferences, and membership drives to websites, newsletters and marketing collateral, we understand the challenges of servicing a region dependent on personal relationships.

Questions for your association in Latin America
• Where do you start? How do you manage? Should you depend on volunteers? Hire locally in HQ? Remotely in the region?

• We may not have all the answers, but we certainly have seen our share of success and failures. Give us a call and pick our brain.
Marketing & Communications
  • Print publication, newsletter and In-house document production
  • Spanish & Portuguese language translation services
  • Press releases, advertisements, promotion, and PR requirements
  • Website creation and operations Marketing collaterals
  • Social media campaigns
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
Governmental & Legal
  • Board of Directors / Management Team requirements
  • Monitoring and Implementation of Strategic Plan for region
  • Liason with Board of Directors / Management Team
  • Third-party association outreach
  • Exhibition and conference participation
  • Due-diligence & Documentation
  • Preparation of Convention/Conference
  • Materials for Annual Meetings
Financial Services
  • Budget preparation
  • Financial oversight
  • Revenue invoicing & collection