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TOP 100 LATIN AMERICAN HVAC CONTRACTORS • 2021-2022 ¡ Destacado !


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The new edition of the TOP 100 Contractors - Installers in Latin America 2021-2022 report contains three new chapters: "Sectors and companies facing COVID-19: Impact on the industry", "Sustainable development and environmental impact" and "Growth of the construction sector in the region 2021-2022". In the first one, the business situation, the productive structure and the differences in performance are discussed in depth. The chapter on construction deals with the outlook and the level of investment.

In addition, for the first time, the document develops other key aspects of the HVAC / R industry raised from market growth over the past year, caused by the purchase and booking of vaccines and the impact on the acquisition of refrigeration. Notably, for this year the macroeconomic analysis is maintained taking into account the economic outlook for the region in it was raised a fall in 7,7% of Latin American GDP in 2020, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

This scenario improves for 2021 where a growth rate of 5.2 % of the world economy is expected.

The special report includes market research, by sales figure, the most used brands and also attached information showing (growth of the last 2 years by quarter) in terms of import of HVAC-R in the regions by components of expenditure (GDP, personal consumption expenditures, private investment, government spending on consumption and investment).

• Access the report in PDF for US $450.

You can read the report via the ISSUU platform for only US $165.

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